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Are you receiving unwanted or annoying calls on your cellular phone? Do telemarketers call you on your cellular phone even after you have opted-out? If your Service Plan does not cover incoming calls, you are paying to receive these unwanted calls. Do you wish there was a way to have a Call Screening, Caller ID or even a Caller-Block on your cell phone? Now you can!

A service called Trapcall stops all of these annoynances. It unmasks blocked or restricted caller numbers so you can identify the caller immediately. No more anonymous callers harassing, annoying or refusing to identify themselves. You can block blacklisted callers too!

With no software to install, Trapcall is a service that you set-up on the web to filter your incoming calls and more. With Trapcall you will be able to see and even control who calls your number.

With their Call-Blocking (available with all three of their low-cost monthly service plans) you place the caller's phone number on your Blacklisted list.

Trapcall: What makes it different?

Freedom from harassment, freedom from embarrassment. You may have an old ex-flame or jilted lover that still knows your cell phone number and may use it at any time. Maybe in business dealings you have usurped someone and they are calling you at odd times and hanging-up, or not identifying themselves.

WithTrapcall, even if a caller's number is listed as "Private" you will be able to not only see who is calling, but you can record their message automatically. With other options, if you wish the calls to stop you set their number to blacklisted, and next time they call your number appears to be no longer in service. They drop you.

With even their basic membership option, you can identify and blacklist annoyance calls. Other membership levels provide increased services and options.

The harassing cell phone calls stop now, with Trapcall.

Trapcall vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Trapcall)

Beyond what your cell phone carrier can do for you with services that they offer, there appear to be limited options for third-party intervention. Surely other companies would wish to get into the Caller-ID and Call-Blocking service for cell phones for this should prove to be a very lucrative market..

But What About Handheld and Blackberry Devices?

Mantra Group's CallShield is a downloadable software that does all the things that TrapCall does, -and more. Unlike Trapcall, this is a software that you purchase a license key for and download to your handheld device.

With more capabilities and options than Trapcall, you can block incoming calls by groups or even by area codes. Refuse call from set numbers, and suppress SMS pop-ups automatically! Yes, 'ad-block' those annoying Flash pop-up adverts that appear on your cell phone!

With CallShield installed on your handheld device, you can block calls that emanate from centers of known telemarketing activity, such as the unsolicited 366 calls that emanate from outside of the United States. "366" Area Code calls are often masking their actual Area Code so you can't even be sure where these calls are coming from. It could be the Bahamas or some other offshore center, it could be a masked number coming from a transport box in northeastern Canada (another hotspot for telemarketer call-center activity.)

On an AT&T landline, you can block up to six numbers. Immediately after hanging-up from an unsolicited but persistent call, dial *60 and follow their directions. The most previous incoming call will be blocked against calling your number in the future.

Such a service (blocking up to 6 numbers, included in their regular carrier fee) really should be included in the base price of any cellular contract in my opinion. This is a very useful service and should extend to cell phones, if it isn't already.

Trapcall: Product images & screenshots
Trapcall Coupons
Trapcall: Detailed review

TrapCall is caller-protection plan for your cell phone. You will always know if the incoming call is someone you allow or just another telemarketer or just someone you don't want to speak with. You can create a list of blocked callers so when they call your number, they receive a message that your phone number is out of service and unreachable. They likely will adjust their phone list accordingly.

TrapCall has a YouTube Video

See TrapCall in action

TrapCall features include :

  • Number Unmasking: Reveal the called-ID when a number has been blocked.
  • Blacklist Caller: As seen in the YouTube video above, once you 'blacklist' a caller the next time they call you they receive a notification that your number has been disconnected. Useful for persistent repeat and harassing callers.
  • Call Recording: Incoming calls are recorded and you access them via your TrapCall account for proof that they called.
  • Voice Transcription: -Have a sudden great idea or thought? You can record your idea in voice transcription and develop it later.
  • Online Management: Your TrapCall voicemails are accessible to you via online MP3 files.
  • Universal Compatibility: TrapCall works with all mobile phones.

All this an there is no software to install. TrapCall is an amazing and innovative concept. With three levels of participation and a pay-as-you-go service, Trapcall can be upgraded for more features or cancelled by you at any time.

three levels of service with Trapcall

Prices range from their basic "Bug Trap" plan at $4.95 per month, to their mid-level "Moustrap" plan at $9.95 per month, to their most aggressive "Beartrap" plan which is $24.95 per month. Decide which level of protection you need based upon the services each plan offers.

Setting-up TrapCall is easy. While every phone carrier is different, their web site makes setting-up your account to work with your cell phone carrier just a matter of entering a a few numbers and hitting the SEND button. You’ll receive TrapCall's protection in just minutes.

TrapCall accepts the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Personal Checks are not accepted at this time.

For protection from unwanted and harassing callers on your cellular phone, TrapCall may be the best incoming call service for cell phones on the market.

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And people wonder why I still don't own a cell phone. I get so many unwanted calls through my landline even while registered with NDNCR.

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