Spoofcard.com Website Review & Ratings + SpoofCard Coupons
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Spoofcard.com Website Review & Ratings + SpoofCard Coupons

Purchasing credits at SpoofCard will allow you to anonymously call others from any phone by:

  • changing the number that shows up on the Caller ID of the person whom you are calling
  • displaying a Caller ID name, other than your own, on the recipient's Caller ID
  • allowing you to alter your voice when speaking to the person that you have spoof called

SpoofCard also allows you to record phone calls.  Spoofcard's features are excellent for calling people, when you don't want them to know that it is you calling.  You may not want the person to know your number.  You might want to get someone who has been avoiding you to answer your call.  Or, maybe you may want to remain totally anonymous through the entirety of your call.  You might need to record the call for future use.  Or, you could simply want to pull a prank on someone.  SpoofCard can be used in all of these scenarios.

SpoofCard: What makes it different?
  • anonymous calls from just about any phone number, to just about any phone number, using just about any 10 digit number as the caller id Spoof number
  • voice changer
  • conversation recorder
  • free trial phone call
  • the person you are calling will never see your phone number, not even when their bill arrives
SpoofCard vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SpoofCard)

Like Spoofcard, Phonegangster allows you to spoof someone's caller id.  But, their Caller ID spoofing has only been proven to work in the US and Canada.  Phonegangster also doesn't offer as much variety with their minute plans.  Unlike with SpoofCard, Phonegangster doesn't offer a $4.95 plan; their plans start at $10.  SpoofCard has five different credit plans, while Phonegangster only has three plans.  Spoofcard's $9.95 plan offers the same amount of minutes as Phonegangster's $10 plan.  Spoofcard's $19.95 plan offers 130 national minutes, while Phonegangster's $20 plan only offers 120 minutes.  Phonegangsters $40 plan offers 280 minutes, while Spoofcard doesn't have a plan for this price point.  Spoofcard does offer two larger credit/minute plans, which are $79.95 for 560 credits/national minutes, and $299.95 for 2500 credits/national minutes.  (Notice that the $79.95 Spoofcard plan gives you the same amount of national minutes as two of Phonegangster's $40 plans.)  Both companies accept the same forms of payment via their websites.  It doesn't seem as though Phonegangster minutes can be bought in brick and mortar stores.

Covert Calling also allows you to try out their spoof service before purchasing minutes.  But, if you do sign up with Covert Calling, you will have to pay additional monies to use their call recorder.  They also offer SMS spoofing, for a higher fee than Caller ID spoofing.  Covert Calling will cost you about 10 cents per minute, for Caller ID spoofing; which is a rate that is unmatched by SpoofCard.  The only SpoofCard plan that comes close is the $299.95 plan which is a little more than 11 cents a minute.  Covert Calling only accepts Mastercard or Visa credit cards for payment.  SpoofCard accepts these, along with American Express and Discover.  Covert Calling will accept payment from a PayPal or AlertPay account.  SpoofCard doesn't use Alertpay.  You can use the SpoofCard to call 1-800 numbers.  Covert Calling doesn't allow for calling to 1-800 numbers, 1-900 numbers, and a few select area codes.

SpoofCard: Product images & screenshots
SpoofCard Coupons
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SpoofCard: Detailed review

Calling someone anonymously went out the window with the invention of  Caller ID.  Whether calling on a cell phone, or a landline, it is easy to screen each call.  This has proven useful to many folks.  However, at times, it has been a hindrance for others.

Well, SpoofCard makes anonymous calling possible, once again.  Here are some of the advantages of using SpoofCard:

  • ability to spoof calls nationally and internationally
  • ability to access recordings of your phone calls
  • ability to use just about any 10 digit number as your spoof number
  • the person you are calling will never see your real number, not even when they receive their phone bill
  • the option to change your voice
  • SpoofCard offers live chat support via their website

SpoofCards are available in many retail stores, including a variety of cell phone outlets.  Or, you can buy credits directly from their website; where they accept major credit cards and PayPal as forms of payment.  There are five pricing plans for credits.  (Credits are the equivalent of minutes, unless calling internationally where you may be charged more than one credit per minute.)  The lowest pricing plan is $4.95 for 25 credits/minutes.  This comes out to a little less than 20 cents per national minute.  As the plans go up in price, the price per credit/minute becomes more favorable..   

SpoofCard is an affordable way to protect your identity when making phone calls.  Professionals find it useful when calling clients from their personal phone lines.  SpoofCard can also be helpful when performing investigative activities.  The recording feature comes in handy when people find that they need to refer back to a telephone conversation that they had.  The voice changer can definitely increase one's anonymity.  And, SpoofCard can just be hilarious to use on friends and family.

You can try SpoofCard for free, too.  Just head on over to spoofcard and place a free spoof call to see exactly how it works.

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Get $3 Discount on Your Order @ SpoofCard
Get 10% Off Your Purchase @ SpoofCard
Get 10% Off @ SpoofCard
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